Regarding Margaret Miles


Having observed Maggie for thirty years, I felt it appropriate to share some professional observations regarding her experiences, capabilities, and acumen.


I first met Maggie when she was guiding Times Mirror's re-launch and re-branding of its cable television division under the agency developed brand name of "Dimension Cable."  This multi-year project was a first of its kind and turned out to be quite successful, across many cities and states nationwide.  Maggie has continued, for thirty years now, her close involvement with the cable television industry and with programming services related to the industry.  She continues to attend the industry's annual meeting of The Cable Pioneers, and many want her to submit her name as a potential Pioneer, as well.  A basic requirement to be consider as a Pioneer is to have been a part of the industry for twenty years and she has more than exceeded that by far.


For twenty years Maggie built and managed an advertising agency in the Seattle area.  Twenty years of success speaks for itself, but most importantly, her agency helped companies grow and build brands across several industries, including newspapers, media, retail, nonprofits, and international.  Key clients included Honda Power Equipment, CipherLab, McClatchy … to name a few. 


One of her specialties over the years has been media buying and media buying strategies.  Her ability to succinctly target audiences with messaging, kept her agency's clients coming back.  Maggie's work with non-profits, their strategic events and re-branding, including nationwide organizations, has been a testimonial to their respect for her and her contributions to their successes.


Obviously, teamwork with clients and senior industry executives has been one of Maggie's many talents leading to these achievements. 


Delwin 'Del' Henry

Cable Pioneer




Regarding the rebranding of Altrusa International for member input surveys, brainstorming and hours of thought provoking discussion leading to the Revitalization and Rebranding Plan to be announced at the July 2011 International Convention. Exceptional appreciation for Miles Media – our totally committed partners for over two years.

Donna C. Johnson
President, Altrusa International



American Honda Motor Co. Inc.



I have had the great experience of working with Miles Media for the last several years and would highly recommend their services to anyone that should choose to use them.

Larry and Maggie provide their clients with a personal touch and very customer concentric approach, treating me like family rather than just as a customer.

The reason that we choose to use Miles Media as a trusted media partner is because of the quality of their product, creative capabilities and attention to detail. They were always willing to offer proactive solutions to ensure the success of our market campaigns.

The Miles Media staff was always diligent in support of our retailers in terms of assuring that their campaigns were run on time and accurately and all documentation was provided following each campaign to ensure that our dealers were reimbursed within the guidelines of our advertising and co-op policies.

Because of the relationship that I shared with Larry and Maggie, I will make myself available to take any calls from potential Miles Media clients should further detail need to be discussed beyond the details I have written in this letter of recommendation.

Dennis Hammond, Western Region Sales Manager
American Honda Motor Co. Inc.

Morso Water to Wine


The way the Miles work mirrors the same traits as creative work:  thoughtful, personal, intimate.  While you can feel like just another account with some firms, you never feel that way with the Miles.

I remember vividly knowing what image we wanted for our business and articulating that to the Miles.  They took that concept and then delivered what I had requested and several alternatives.  Thank god they did, the worst one was the one I thought would be the best.  It showed respect for our discussion and the foresight on their part to be sure we had a successful product.  That’s what I wanted, that’s what I needed.

Working with Miles was more than the product we created.  It helped shape the way our organization thinks about all the ways we touch our customers.  It is easy for us to translate the principles we learned into every piece we create, even in house.  Give the entrepreneur a fish and he will enjoy eating it, teach the entrepreneur how to fish and he will be successful.

Steven Lynn, owner

Morso and Water to Wine


Integrated Solutions For Retailers Integrated Solutions for Retailers  

I have had the pleasure of working with Miles Media for the past 8 years. As a
publishing house, we work with many advertising agencies. It is rare to work with an agency as dedicated to its clients as Miles Media. They make it a point to know their client’s operations and industry inside and out, which allows them to put together a media plan that genuinely helps that client realize their marketing and business goals.

Everyone that I have worked with at Miles Media from Maggie and Larry to the media planners and creative team ask relevant, pertinent questions about the media opportunities we have available for their clients, and they take the time to build the best media elements into their plans.

As one of our business partners, Miles Media is also very conscientious of deadlines. Advertising materials are always to us on time and within the correct specs. They also have a impeccable payment history with Jameson Publishing.

In closing, Miles Media comes with my highest recommendation. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me or email me.

Melissa Morris, Publisher
Integrated Solutions For Retailers



Taipei, Taiwan






Horvitz Newspapers



“Larry and Maggie Miles worked closely with my newspapers for many years. They’re knowledgeable about advertising and marketing and very effective. They deliver results.” 

Peter A. Horvitz, President
Horvitz Newspapers, LLC

Northwest Media (Washington), L.P.


Chamber of Commerce




I’ve been fortunate to work with Miles Media in two different capacities over the past ten years.  We first worked together to produce the Gig Harbor Peninsula Area Chamber of Commerce Community Information Guide.  The Miles Media team both designed the book as well as sold advertising, which not only paid for the book but was a significant source of revenue, generating 20% of the chamber’s annual operating income.  For a community chamber of commerce, it was an incredible infusion of cash to ensure our growth each year. 

Jacquie Goodwill


francisccan logo.jpg
Franciscan Health System

Franciscan Health System



I now serve as marketing manager for St. Anthony Hospital and in this position.  I worked with the firm to produce the grand opening circular tab for St. Anthony Hospital.  This hospital is the first to open on the Gig Harbor Peninsula and the greater Puget Sound region in over 25 years.  While the community eagerly anticipated the hospital opening, the economy struggled.  Local businesses were stretched thin for additional advertising dollars and there went Miles Media, designing our circular and selling advertisements.  We not only produced this piece on-time and within-budget, it was warmly received by both advertisers and the community as well.  

Miles Media produced results for me as a client and I can rely on them as a valued business partner, going above and beyond my expectations. Along with that they are just a lot of fun to work with.

Jacquie Goodwill, Marketing Manager
Franciscan Health System